Anne Kubitsky is an entrepreneur, author and artist, and Founder of the Look for the Good Project, a nonprofit organization which helps kids improve their school climate with gratitude and kindness. In just three years, the Look for the Good Project's "Gratitude Campaign Program" has reached 121,545 students in 30 states, who have written almost 2 million messages of gratitude to uplift their school communities. 

Anne is a recipient of the "Daily Point of Light Award," a national award originated out of the White House under former president George HW Bush. In 2015, she received a proclamation from the Mayor of Hartford declaring April 19th "Look for the Good Day" in the city of Hartford, along with a special "Look for the Good" song written by Connecticut State Troubadour Kate Callahan. 

Her first book, What Makes You Grateful was featured on MSNBC, and in Reader's Digest and The Huffington Post. To see some of her work as a children's illustrator, please check out, Opening to Good, a picture book describing her journey from marine biology to community service. 

Anne Kubitsky